Corporate Social Responsibility

Work Life Balance and Social Responsibility

There has been a talk for a long period now as to How to manage Work Life Balance. Especially in urban areas, managing work-life balance has been a huge challenge. Since liberalization the economy has grown in a rapid pace in tune with the global economic conditions. With this phenomenal growth there has been a challenge that has arise of balancing work and life.

With this phenomenal growth in scattered areas, the life of many has changed in urban and rural areas. But the big question to be answered is that has the whole population benefitted from the growth, liberalization and globalization. The answer is a big “NO”.

As Sri Ratan Tata once said even the heartbeat has ups and downs, and similarly there exists ups and downs in life. It is after nearly twenty-five years of liberalization; the work and life are getting normalized. The working population has now gone through the tides and hence are in a position to tackle the work and life in different sections of the society.

But what about the section of the population that is still facing basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, health care and education. These sections have to be addressed. Then a question arises, can everybody change everything and eradicate the imbalances in the society. The answer is No.

Hence the smart approach at VisionMate we consider is, to take one issue at a time by a group of people (small or large) and address it by finding a long-term solution. There is a saying – Everybody can’t do everything, but everybody can do something that benefits the society. We at VisionMate are committed to help & facilitate eye donations and slowly we would be moving forward to help address the issue of blindness due to Cataract.

The easiest way to get involved with us is to start by becoming a Volunteer and pledging eyes. The next step will be to motivate your friends and family members to pledge eyes for donation. The third thing which is equally important is to raise funds for the eye transplant surgeries.

We at VisionMate suggest getting involved in a social activity and fulfil the responsibility you intend to have towards the society. The best thing would be to pick an area of your interest, a place of your interest and the time duration of your choice. The most important thing is to get started and as a magic the initiative that you take automatically takes you to the social cause.

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