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Eye Donation Fortnight – September 2019

The Eye Donation Fortnight 2019 will be celebrated from August 25th, 2019 to September 8th, 2019. The first eye donation happened in the year 1905. Even after a century we still see shortage of people coming forward to pledge to donate eyes after their life.

In India about 1.1 million (source: Eye Bank Association of India), Cornea transplants are required in the current situation. It is an unacceptable scenario that even after the technology being advanced and Doctors skills built in the area of eye transplant there is a huge demand for corneas.

In 2019, we will be evidencing 34th eye donation fortnight and it is high time that we do our bit to the society who are deprived of good health. One decision to pledge eyes can make a life of someone after our life.

With the growth in technology, even the pledge process has improved and has been simplified. At www.visionmate.org willing donors can fill a form online and verify a OTP sent on their mobile phones to register as donors.

FAQ’s on eye donation

How can I donate eyes to a blind person?

One can pledge eyes for donation after their life term. A person suffering from corneal blindness will receive eyesight due to this donation.


Will the complete eyeball be removed from the eye socket?

No. Only the cornea (a transparent layer) will be removed from the eye.


When can I donate eyes?

Eyes can be donated only after death of a person.


Will anyone come to know that I have my donated my eyes?

The identities of both donor and recipient are kept confidential. Hence, you need not worry about your identity being revealed.


Will the donor’s family pay or receive any fees?

No, it is illegal to buy and sell human eyes, organs and tissues.


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