Corporate Social Responsibility

Join Hands with Us

and Make a Difference

We welcome companies to help us in our mission to create awareness about eye donations and help corneal blind individuals receive the gift of sight. By supporting us with CSR Funding, Corporates and Companies can fulfill their CSR Goals in an effective manner.

We align our campaigns with the CSR goals of our corporate partners, ensuring that the donated funds are effectively used for eye donation awareness initiatives. If you have any questions about fund utilization or other queries, please feel free to reach out.

For Donations in Person / Individuals

We need your support to make a greater impact. By donating a small fraction of your income, you can significantly contribute to the lives of blind individuals. We encourage individual donors to support our eye donation awareness and campaign efforts. Donations to VisionMate are eligible for tax exemptions under 12A and 80G.

Empower VisionMate Foundation

By partnering with VisionMate Foundation, your company can play a pivotal role in our eye donation awareness campaigns. This collaboration not only helps you meet your CSR goals but also amplifies our reach, enabling us to educate more people about the importance of eye donations. Together, we can bring light to countless lives.

Your Impactful Contribution

Your individual donations are vital in sustaining our efforts to spread awareness about eye donations. Contributing a small amount of your income can make a huge difference. With tax benefits under 12A and 80G, your donations are not only impactful but also financially prudent. Help us continue our mission of transforming lives through eye donation.

Transparency and Accountability

At VisionMate Foundation, we prioritize transparency. Every rupee donated is meticulously accounted for and directed towards our awareness campaigns and eye donation portal. Our investment of approximately Rs. 5,00,000 showcases our commitment to this cause. Regular updates on our website ensure that you can track the progress and impact of your contributions.

Join Our Movement

Your support can catalyze change. Whether through corporate partnerships or individual donations, every contribution helps us get closer to our goal of eradicating corneal blindness. Join us in this mission and help bring the gift of sight to those who need it the most. Your involvement can light up lives.

Feel free to reach out to us for any donation inquiries at [email protected].

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