We at VisionMate foundation work on creating awareness to donate eyes. In case of a natural death, any member of the family closed to the person who has died can call us on 7022161111 and we will coordinate with the nearest eye bank to facilitate eye donation.

Did you know the first successful eye transplant surgery was conducted in the year 1905? Even after a century we are facing the problem of shortage of eye donations. In India we are not stepping forward to donate eyes for many reasons. In fact, the first eye bank came into existence in 1944.

These reasons may or may not make sense but the important point to note is that the blind population is suffering because of the missing concern from us the common people.

The advantage with VisionMate Eye Donation Website is that we are not limited to working with one or two eye banks. We work with more than two hundred eye banks to coordinate for eye donation across the India.

A small country like Sri Lanka with much less population in the country has donated more than 60,000 corneas. Let us take inspiration from this and step forward to donate eyes.


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