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To pledge the eyes, a person can visit the website and fill the pledge form. Once the form is filled and the person’s identity is verified through One Time Password (OTP) sent on their mobile, he or she will receive the pledge card through email or can be even downloaded after the form submission within few seconds.

In case of a demise and as per the person’s wish to donate eyes, please call us on 9480588394 or 7022161111. We will help you in reaching out to the eye bank in your location. We have the access to information of eye banks located across India.

Since we are a Non – Government organization, our operations are carried out by the generous donations made by people and companies. Hence, we humbly request the visitors to the site to make Online Donations to NGO and join us in achieving the goal of eradicating corneal blindness.

The donated money will be used to fund Eye Transplant Surgeries and creating awareness for eye donations. The operational expenses are minimal since at VisionMate Foundation, we handle most of the day to day activities through Online and Phone medium.



It is estimated that currently there are 45 million individuals worldwide who are bilaterally blind and another 135 million that have severely impaired vision in both eyes (Source: WHO). The fact that there are 180 million people in the world today who are in some way severely visually disabled is an unacceptable problem. In a study it is estimated that nearly 4.9 million people suffer from corneal blindness and are looking for eye donations across the world and with a significant demand in India as well. (Source: The National Center for Biotechnology Information, Indian Journal of Ophthalmology).

In India as many as 1.1 million people suffer from Corneal Blindness (Source: Eye Banks Association of India) and can be benefited from eye transplantation. Corneal blindness is a major cause of blindness worldwide, next to cataract. The current transplantation scale is minimal in India which is approximately 28000. (Source: Eye Banks Association Of India ) as compared to the demand for the same. In fulfilling the need of these individuals we aim to campaign for eye donations. The initiative is unique in a sense that we are using web application software platform and networking concepts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the current campaigning system by eye banks, eye hospitals and associations in India.


The platform to campaign for the initiative is through a web application platform where  campaigners are invited to register to campaign for eye donations among their social and professional network. The campaigning procedure is automated where eye pledge registrations happens through driving visitors to the registry (website platform) via various sources.

People willing to be a donor but do not want to be a volunteer for campaigning can also register / pledge and data will be maintained on the software platform without any fee. The donations collected from companies through the CSR initiatives, Grants and others sources are the sources of funds for Campaigning, Maintaining the software platform and eye transplant surgeries.


Some of the salient features of the Eye Donation site are:

• VisionMate Foundation acts as a One Point Contact for the eye donations across India, which otherwise had no organized process for the social cause.

• VisionMate Foundation has contact information of Eye Banks located across India, which makes it possible to coordinate with the nearest eye bank for a person to reach in case of eye donation.

• The pledge card is mailed to the email ID of the interested donor once a form is filled online and can also be downloaded from the same website of VisionMate Foundation.

• Simplifying the form filling process and pledge card receipt makes it easier to reach people as compared to the traditional process of handwritten form filling and receipt of pledge card. The documentation of the pledging process is much easier.

• Very easy to spread the word among the friends and relatives to enroll / pledge eyes with VisionMate. The identity is verified by the OTP sent on the mobile.

• The database of people who have pledged is not lost even after a long period of time.

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It is known and understandable situation that in the event of demise of a person, the family and friends would be in deep pain. Hence the initiation to donate eyes from the family becomes difficult.
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