How to Raise Funds for NGOs

How to Raise Funds for NGOs

To start with a quote by Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

An NGO is a non-profit organization for the welfare of society. Since this is for a good cause, many will join hands. Creating awareness, making people aware of our motive, and initiating them to fund is a big task. A single person can’t spare the entire expenses of this cause. Collecting funds is key for an NGO to run. There are various methods to raise funds.

Initially, we must make our goal more effective. It must be worth enough to create an impact among the people. We can spread awareness through WhatsApp links, Facebook or Instagram stories, and even Twitter tweets. In this era of spreading many messages in society, spreading values has significant meaning and is important.

A few proven methods of fundraising for NGOs are:

  • CSR Funding
  • Donations by Philanthropists
  • Donations through Projects
  • Donations by Government
  • Competitions in case of StartUps

We can also carry out campaigns in schools and colleges as students are more open to being influenced to do good deeds. Nurturing righteousness in the minds of young people will create good fortune in youngsters’ minds and help for the betterment of humankind.

We can also create awareness by organizing programs in public places as people will donate better if they see others doing so. Placing donation boxes in restaurants, hospitals, and temples is a good plan. People who don’t find time to go to a place and donate will find these methods an easy way to contribute. We must seek help from our friends and relatives and they will also suggest valuable time and ideas for funding. Making people who are truly benefitted spread awareness will create the best impact.

We must also effectively use the funds that we collect. Every penny of donations must go only to the needy in an effective way. Keeping the expenses record clean is a productive way to strengthen trust in us for society. Donating gives a person great satisfaction. No one has ever become poor by giving. We can make people think this way and urge them to fund.

“Dānam āgnāyaṁ jagataḥ prāṇaḥ” – Charity is the life breath of the world. This Sanskrit saying underlines the importance of giving for the welfare of society.

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