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VisionMate Foundation is dedicated to making eye donation accessible to everyone. Our comprehensive directory of eye banks across India helps you find the nearest facility quickly and easily. Eye banks play a crucial role in collecting, preserving, and distributing donated eye tissues, ensuring that corneal blind individuals receive the gift of sight.

How to Use the Directory

Simply browse through our directory to locate an eye bank near you. Each listing includes contact details and addresses, making it convenient for you to get in touch with the nearest eye bank. Whether you are considering pledging your eyes or seeking information for a loved one, our directory is here to assist you.

Support Eye Donation Efforts

By connecting with local eye banks, you can play an active role in supporting eye donation initiatives. These institutions are at the forefront of the fight against corneal blindness, working tirelessly to restore vision to those in need. Your participation can make a significant impact on their efforts.

Partner with VisionMate Foundation

VisionMate Foundation collaborates with eye banks across the country to streamline eye donation processes and enhance awareness. Through our partnerships, we provide training and support to ensure that eye banks can effectively manage donations and reach more people. Together, we can make eye donation a widespread practice in India.

Get Involved

If you are passionate about making a difference, consider volunteering or donating to support eye banks and their essential work. Your contribution, whether in time or resources, can help increase the number of eye donations and reduce the prevalence of corneal blindness in India.

Directory of Eye Banks in India

Connecting You to the Nearest Eye Bank

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