VisionMate Foundation Engagement with CSR initiatives by companies

VisionMate Management approached few companies in his professional network to consider eye donation campaign initiative as a CSR program at their respective companies. These organizations well appreciated the step in addressing the social cause. And the management of these companies supported VisionMate by spreading the word within their team members.

The following steps were initiated by these companies based on the approach suggested by VisionMate Foundation:

  1. A memo was circulated within the companies’ communication portal. And a good number of people enrolled themselves as volunteers for the eye donation.
  2. VisionMate website link was hosted on the companies’ CSR page and we were considered as a CSR Partner
  3. A few of the website visitors to these companies also visited VisionMate online to explore the works carried out by VisionMate team.

The courtesy shown by the companies in engaging VisionMate is immeasurable. It just takes a person to login to the VisionMate website and fill the pledge form. The pledge Card will be emailed to the donor thanking his wish.

We invite companies to consider this initiative in their CSR execution plans and Oblige.

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