Why do people hesitate to donate eyes?

Why do people hesitate to donate eyes?

In India the corneal blind population accounts to 1.1 million people. Yet there is no significant
volunteering to pledge and donate eyes to the blind.

The following points could be the reasons for not donating the eyes after demise of a person:

  1. Taking the courage to speak to the family about the eye donation in the event of demise of a
  2. Due to the wrong belief that donation of eyes could lead to blindness in the next incarnation of
    the person.
  3. A wrong notion that “If I pledge today what would be the chances of donation at a distant and
    uncertain day of demise”
  4. Lack of voluntary initiative for pledging of eyes.

Considering the above-mentioned major reasons for not donating eyes, the following points may help
motivate people to donate eyes.

  • I would like to mention here that the complete body along with all the organs after the
    cremation becomes one with the soil. In such an instance how true is the belief that in the next
    incarnation the person who has donated the eyes would become blind.
  • It would be more precise to say that the person who has donated his/her eyes would carry
    forward positive karma rather than a mistaken belief.
  • As a normal human feeling it is difficult to approach a family to donate eyes in the event of a sad
    demise. In such instance it is essential to motivate people to voluntarily pledge eyes and share
    the interest of donation with the family and friends. This overcomes the issue of approaching a
    family when they are in deep pain of loss of a person.
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