Who Must Decide to Donate Eyes?

The decision to donate eyes must come from oneself.

It is known and understandable situation that in the event of demise of a person, the family and friends would be in deep pain. Hence the initiation to donate eyes from the family becomes difficult. In such a scenario what is the solution or approach to donate eyes? Even the pain in the life of a person due to blindness is unacceptable by humanity.

In such an instance a person himself or herself must decide that they would want to donate their eyes after their life term. This decision should be sensitively shared among the family members. As we initiate steps towards our wellbeing, responsibilities and achievements; the process of pledging the eyes must also be part of our social responsibilities.

At VisionMate we encourage people to come forward to pledge eyes and build awareness among people when a person is conscious of his/her social responsibilities. We don’t consider the time of death to be the time to approach a family to donate eyes. Now is the time to decide that a corneal blind person can be helped for his lifetime by taking a decision to pledge eyes.

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