Cornea of Eye

Cornea of Eye

Let us understand the parts of the human eye and understand which part of the eye is used for transplant.

1. Vitreous body

2. ora serrata

3. ciliary muscle

4. ciliary zonules

5. Schlemm\’s canal

6. pupil

7. anterior chamber

8. cornea

9. iris

10. lens cortex

11. lens nucleus

12. ciliary process

13. conjunctiva

14. inferior oblique muscle

15. inferior rectus muscle

16. medial rectus muscle

17. retinal arteries and veins

18. optic disc

19. dura mater

20. central retinal artery

21. central retinal vein

22. optic nerve

23. vorticose vein

24. bulbar sheath

25. macula

26. fovea

27. sclera

28. choroid

29. superior rectus muscle

30. Retina

Source: Wikipedia

Parts of Eye

In simple, these are the important parts of human eye

Having understood the parts of the Human Eye, we can now look at what part of human eye is donated in case of an Eye Transplant. Basically, Cornea is removed from the donor and donated to the blind person in case of an Eye transplant.

The cornea allows light to enter the eye for Vision. The cornea is the clear front surface of the eye. It lies directly in front of the iris and pupil, and it allows light to enter the eye. One person can donate eyes to two people.

So, the complete eye ball is not removed from the socket. Only the clear surface of the eye is removed and is transplanted.

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