VisionMate A Journey in time

The journey from youth to old age and its implications on Society

The youth population in general is full of energy. The age and energy levels are such that it would achieve anything in life. Such is the motivation levels. But when a person experiences change with time from youth to adult, adult to a family of his own and then from family life to old age, the Interests, Motivation and Energy Levels, Priorities will change.

We humans are social animals. We live in a society where people are different in various ways. Giving back positively to the society is also important, because what we are today is also due to the same society. This is where social service organizations and association with such organizations come into play.

The life in current scenario in Urban Areas goes like this:

  • People born in middle class family will run on a monotonous slogging life.
  • Studying and achieving a Degree
  • At this age one would want to achieve something in life and bring substantial overwhelming changes to the environment you are living in.
  • But in this phase one would take up family life and the priority changes from contributing to the society to sustaining and progressing with the family life.
  • At Retirement one would not have the zeal to make a change to the society, since he /she would be battling health problems and would doubt as to what change one could bring to the society.
  • So, one would end up quitting social responsibilities.

In such a scenario what could be done.

  • Engage with ONE or TWO Social Organizations. Contribute with these organizations with voluntary service hours. We often make the mistake of trying to contribute in many ways and end up with nothing.
  • Maintaining their own health.
  • Teaching at NGOs
  • At Old age, Passing on the responsibilities systematically to the future generations
  • Sharing their professional knowledge and experiences to the youth so that the youth can implement ideas with the Vision of Experiences and skills of the youth.
  • And pledge organs for donation
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