Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and VisionMate

We thrive on encouraging Companies in India to engage with VisionMate Foundation for their CSR Visions, Objectives and Activities. Our CSR engagement model is simple. Unlike other NGOs where the need is for people involvement to achieve the objectives; our CSR engagement model is simple and saves significant time and efforts.

We partner with companies in the following ways:

  1. By inviting the Team’s interest to pledge eyes online during the celebration of Special Events such as Annual Days.
  2. Sharing companies’ milestones and successes of the team members with a Socially Responsible Event and hence creating awareness about eye donation.

In both the above cases the Objective to be achieved is people’s involvement in pledging eyes online. Considering that the event can be executed by simply filling a form to pledge eyes we don’t visit the campus of the companies. This is because, we are a startup NGO and we currently stick to the model of Online Campaigning. Once we have sufficient Monetary Donations flowing in, we will be in a position to visit the campus of the company.

The process of execution in case of online pledging is that, a Video will be shared with the company and the video will narrate the importance of eye donation and the process to donate eyes.

Pledging can be completed in three simple steps:

  1. Log into the website –
  2. Fill the pledge form online and verify through OTP
  3. Receive the Pledge Card through email within few minutes.

The key highlight:

We act as a One Point Contact for donors across India and coordinate with the eye banks to carry out eye donation process. We have access to over 200 eye banks across India and we bridge the gap between eye donors, eye banks and eye recipients.

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