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Frequently Asked Questions about Eye Donation

FAQ's Related to Eye Donation In India


What is eye donation?

Eye donation is the process of donating the cornea (part of the eye) to the blind person who is suffering from Corneal Blindness

What is Corneal Blindness?

The Cornea is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye. It is a focusing element of the eye. Vision will be lost if the cornea becomes cloudy.

Is Corneal Blindness curable?

Yes. Corneal blindness is curable through cornea transplant surge

How do I donate eyes?

There are various platforms like us where one can pledge their eyes. After the demise of the person the eye donation process is carried out.

After the removal of the eyes will there be any complications?

In the first method, Some eye banks would remove the whole eye ball. In such a case there may be temporary bleeding. The team is well trained to take care of such eventualities. The eye bank team after removal of eyes would properly close the eyes so that there is no disfigurement.
The second method is removal of only the clear transparent tissue. Here a plastic shield is placed in place of the tissue and no difference can be noticed.