CSR Implementing Agency

1. How can I engage VisionMate Foundation as a CSR Implementing Agency?

A typical campaign would include,

a) Circulating a mail within your team so that the members of your firm could volunteer themselves to pledge eyes online.

b) Companies generally mention their CSR engagement with us on the website as a CSR partner in creating awareness about eye donations. This step helps in two ways,

Firstly – It showcases your commitment in addressing a social cause.

Secondly – It builds Reputation and Brand value in the eyes of your stake holders.

c) With your permission, we would be listing your firm’s Name on our Partner Page.

2. Is it mandatory to donate money to partner with VisionMate in its CSR Initiative?

No. We need CSR donations to run our campaigns and funding eye surgeries.
But it is not mandatory to donate money to partner with us.

3. Does the partnership require our team to involve in field campaigns?

We would welcome volunteering from your team. We can conduct and awareness programs in your campus and elaborate on the ease of eye donation online.
The current campaigning works are carried out online. Your team can also volunteer to spread the word through internet by sharing our website and Facebook pages on social media.

4. When did VisionMate start its work?

VisionMate started working on eye donation campaigns in 2017 and has been working consistently to create awareness about eye donation.

5. Does VisionMate hold awareness programs at companies’ campus?

Yes, VisionMate does hold awareness programs in the companies’ campuses.

6. Is the CSR donation to VisionMate tax exempted under 12A and 80G?

We have applied and are in the process of receiving tax exemptions from the IT department. Since, our work is two years old, we need to showcase our work for one more year before companies could consider us for CSR donations.

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