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In India the corneal blind population accounts to 1.1 million people. Yet there is no significant volunteering to pledge and donate eyes to the blind. The following

The decision to donate eyes must come from oneself. It is known and understandable situation that in the event of demise of a person, the family and friends would

Main causes of visual impairment are: Cataract Onchocerciasis (river blindness) Childhood blindness Refractive errors and low vision Diabetic retinopathy Glaucoma

The youth population in general is full of energy. The age and energy levels are such that it would achieve anything in life. Such is the motivation levels. But

Let us understand the parts of the human eye and understand which part of the eye is used for transplant. 1. Vitreous body 2. ora serrata 3. ciliary muscle 4. ciliary

We thrive on encouraging Companies in India to engage with VisionMate Foundation for their CSR Visions, Objectives and Activities. Our CSR engagement model is simple.

Strategies for CSR implementation Areas of CSR activities The common areas of development for CSR activities are Food Security, Education, Healthcare, Rural Development,